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April 21, 2008


I think these are all great points.

One of the challenges we run into as a full service agency is ownership. Is it PR, Corporate Communications, Interactive, etc?

The reality is that everyone should be involved in different capacities.

Where things start to get sticky is creating policies around who can post, comment, reply, etc with enough freedom to be transparent yet stay out of legal trouble (the typical disclaimer about employee blogs being the opinion of the employee and not representing the views of the employer).

We have social media analysts on staff that work with our brands on tracking the conversations, which has been a great way to get brands on board.

Once we create an audit and quantify how much their brand is being talked about (with or without their involvement and in both positive and negative light), it helps to get them on board with participating in social media.

I'm sure the audience, including myself, would like to learn more about selling in social media like your conversation with Shel recently:

this is definately a way to sustain your growth. Who doesn't need more clients? Give it away if you can, and keep traffic coming in!

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