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June 26, 2009


Is Gettington primarily going to be a female sales channel? I ask because you were asking for feedback on the shopping bags and they say "female shopping" to me. That comes from a man who grew up with three sisters nad now has three daughters. I like the bags, but if you intend to attract male shoppers, you may want an alternative design.


Thanks for the feedback! Our target is families who are looking for ways to manage their budget. I know that is pretty broad. We may end up with more female shoppers, but don't want to alienate men. If the overall value proposition was good would you shop - or do the bright bags become too much of a barrier?


I put my head down for a while and the world changes! What's this about relocating to MN?! *LOVE* the logo btw! Any way we can help get some traction going for you when you're ready?

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